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Smoke alarms









Your annual smoke alarm service covers a lot more than just replacing the battery and pushing the button.

If you are on the annual smoke alarm service with either Tassam or Detector inspector they will;

  1. They will ensure the smoke alarms are installed in the right location in accordance with the building code of Australia.
  2. They will ensure the alarm is in date (all smoke alarms have an expiry date printed on them)
  3. They will test the battery
  4. Test that that the unit responds to smoke and,
  5. Test that the unit is sounding at the right level with a decibel reader

The Residential Tenancy Act states that the alarms in rental properties must be checked within 30 days of a new tenancy.

That check when conducted by a qualified and insured company is only guaranteed for 12 months from the date it was done. Should there be a fire after the compliance period the liability would fall onto the owner and your insurance would not cover this.

Yes the smoke alarms have a 10 year battery life however there is no way for us to tell if the alarm ceases to work for any reason other than an annual check. The manufactures gives a ten year life on the alarm however alarms are not failure proof.