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Professional Photography and Floor Plans

Professional Photography and Floor Plans

Is your property becoming vacant in the New Year and you are wanting to find a new tenant? Why not ensure your property looks the best it possibly can by getting professional photos taken and assisting tenants to get a feel for the layout of the property by getting a floor plan.


Why use professional photography?

Pictures that are poor or less than flattering can turn tenants off, leading to fewer applications on a property.

The photograph is almost always the first element of a listing that connects with the tenant.

It is the first impression, the thing that cuts through the clutter to capture the tenant’s attention. Everything in the marketing campaign to rent a property relies on the quantity and quality of the photographs of your property. Many times, tenants will decide if they will visit a property based on the strength (or weaknesses) of the photos accompanying a listing. Quality photos can and do make a difference, a big difference.


Why use floor plans?

One of the most effective property marketing tools, which are much sought after by tenants, is a floor plan.

Pre-inspection, a professionally drawn floor plan helps tenants understand a property’s flow, and visualise how its spaces will work for them.

Post-inspection, a plan is a great reminder of layout, allowing tenants to imagine living in the home by mapping out their own furniture placements.


Plans are also great for out-of-town tenants who are relocating or those who miss the inspection, helping to bring an unseen property to life while maintaining their interest.


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