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Maintenance Timeframes

Maintenance Timeframes

It is becoming more common that Tenants are reporting maintenance not completed within legislative timeframes to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner. Do you know your obligations with regard to rental property maintenance?

The Residential Tenancy Act states that general maintenance for rental properties muct be completed within 28 days.

Whether it’s a door handle that’s loose, or a wood fire baffle plate that has bent, no matter the scope of the maintenance it all has to be completed within a 28 day period.

Unless it is urgent or emergency maintenance, that is loss of an essential service or damage to the property (not caused by the tenant) then this must be repaired within 24 hours.


It is important to note that if maintenance reported to an owner is not repaired within these time frames, tenants can report this to the Residential Tenancy Commisioner who can then issue an order for repairs onto the landlord. This then gives the owner a further time frame to get the maintenance completed or the owner may be issued a fine.