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Property Management Services

Property Management Services


Your annual smoke alarm service covers a lot more than just replacing the battery and pushing the button.

If you are on the annual smoke alarm service with either Tassam or Detector inspector they will;

  1. They will ensure the smoke alarms are installed in the right location in accordance with the building code of Australia.
  2. They will ensure the alarm is in date (all smoke alarms have an expiry date printed on them)
  3. They will test the battery
  4. Test that that the unit responds to smoke and,
  5. Test that the unit is sounding at the right level with a decibel reader

The Residential Tenancy Act states that the alarms in rental properties must be checked within 30 days of a new tenancy.

That check when conducted by a qualified and insured company is only guaranteed for 12 months from the date it was done. Should there be a fire after the compliance period the liability would fall onto the owner and your insurance would not cover this.

Yes the smoke alarms have a 10 year battery life however there is no way for us to tell if the alarm ceases to work for any reason other than an annual check. The manufactures gives a ten year life on the alarm however alarms are not failure proof.

Minimum Standard Guidelines for Rental Properties.

Do you know and understand Property Owner obligations under Tasmanian Minimum Standards For Rental Properties Legislation?

With the introduction of Minimum Standards for rental properties over recent years, the Residential Tenancy Act now specifies a list of minimum requirements for rental properties in Tasmania;

  • Premises to be weatherproof and structurally sound
  • Cleanliness
  • Good repairs
  • Bathrooms and toilets to be provided and working
  • Adequate cooking facilities
  • Electricity
  • Fixed source of adequate heating
  • Window coverings in bedrooms and in living areas
  • Adequate ventilation (at least one window in every room should be able to open, exhaust fan in rooms that do not have windows (toilets, bathrooms etc)).

Please see link below for more information and completion dates.



Keeping you covered, wherever you are.

With over 125 years experience managing homes and investments for Australians. Harcourts Complete Service is free to Harcourts clients – whether you're buying or selling real estate, renting, or having us manage your investments.


Purchasing an investment property is a big financial step.

As a property owner and landlord you want complete peace of mind and reassurance that your investment and rental income is protected.

Rental Protect Plus provides comprehensive cover against defined natural events, accidental and malicious acts by tenants, your legal liability and loss of rent. We even cover your legal costs in chasing unpaid rent and the removal of rubbish that your tenants leave behind.

With market leading cover at a competitive price, Rental Protect Plus makes insuring your investment quick and easy. We are experts in the real estate sector, so when you make a claim, you will receive timely and expert advice from one of our investment property claims specialists.


To find out how we can help you with your insurance, please follow the below link:


Harcourts Connect


When buying or selling real estate, renting or if we are managing your investments you have access to our Harcourts Complete service. This service is free to Harcourts clients and provides all the relevant real estate services that you will require before, during or after your transaction. We will take care of a wide range of services including arranging your connections, your disconnections, conveyancing, home loans and insurance. Harcourts Complete also provides relevant real estate information for you and will keep you up to date with what is happening with Real Estate in Australia. You are able to download our Blue Book collection offering you a range of the latest properties on the market and also able to subscribe to our Australian news. At Harcourts we are committed to providing our clients with the complete service.


Tax Depreciation Services


Real Property Matters

Real Property Matters are specialists in Tax Depreciation Schedules.  A Tax depreciation schedule will maximise your tax return and save you thousands each year!

Real Property Matters offers an exclusive fee for Harcourts Clients and the fee is tax deductible.  With a money back guarantee and free of charge report updates their promise is to save your money.

To better understand how it all works click here for an example of a 40 year schedule of depreciation and capital allowances.

 To apply now  click here 

Meth Screening

People using Meth is becoming a bigger issue in our society and it could be putting both people and properties at series risk.


Meth contamination, which is invisible and has no smell, is a very real issue that can cost thousands of dollars to remediate. It is estimated that around 20% of contamination problems are linked to labs; 80% to meth users.


Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the English-speaking world, and that number is now three times higher than it was in 2011. In NSW, the number of meth labs has doubled over the past six years.


Meth Screening:

You may not realise it, but the biggest threat to rental properties is not meth labs, its meth users. Smoking meth inside regularly can contaminate a home and regular smoking of the drug can return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab

With the meth (ICE) epidemic in Australia on the rise, it is impossible to tell if your tenants have fallen into the world of this devastating drug by visual inspections alone and if you don’t discover it quickly, then your property could be devalued and cause harm to future occupants.

There is a solution;

Regular Screening for Rental Properties

We recommend rental properties are screened regularly for meth residue. Not only does it ensure early detection, when remediation is less likely to be expensive, it also deters tenants from using or making meth on your property.

Screening between Tenancies

There is a future possibility for landlords to be held liable for tenants’ health problems that arise from exposure to meth residue within their rented property(s). Screening for meth residue between tenancies ensures that you are seen to be living up to your responsibility to provide a home that is fit for purpose.

Note: Decontamination can be covered by some Landlord Insurance, in some cases providing you have been screening in-between tenancies. We suggest you discuss this directly with your own insurer.

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