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Sharon Fenton

Sharon Fenton

Sharon has been involved in Real Estate for over 15 years, with a variety of experience gained from administration through to sales. She enjoys being a part of a busy office with plenty of high energy, loving nothing better than bringing buyers together with the right properties or a succesful sales campaign for her vendors. 


Working with Jeremy now for two years, they have a great understanding and have created many positive experiences for their clients.

Sharon knows real estate is not really about houses- it’s about people!  


Her motto: Enjoy life, apologise when you should, let go of what you can’t change and keep trying to be the best version of yourself.  



" Hubby and I first met Jeremy at a house inspection. We were a tad surprised at his dedication, and eagerness to help. Although we did not purchase from him, we often spoke about his pleasing persona and genuineness. When the time came to list our property, we did put tremendous thought into it, as we believed having the correct agent was imperative. After much consideration, we continued to come back to Jeremy, and listed him as the person to sell our property. A lot of effort was put in by the Jeremy team. Sharon, ( his right hand man ) was always available to speak to me, when Jeremy was not available - The teamwork is great. There were a few glitches with the sale of our property, but Jeremy and Sharon always found a solution, and the house sold in around 5 weeks. I believe there are many things that contribute to Jeremy's success, - his dedication, his hyperactivity ( lols ) his fabulous one on one ability to speak with the client and ascertain their needs. Plus - his ability to work with a team. "His Vision" - His ability to visualize and produce a result. Last, but most importantly, it is so easy to see, when talking and working with him, that Jeremy is "living his dreams" - Thank you Jeremy and Sharon, for a great experience"