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Shari Lockett

Shari Lockett

Shari has come to Harcourt Launceston with 6 years industry experience. Shari first started in the Real Estate industry in 2010 where she was a loyal employee of Peter Lees Real Estate. Shari started her adventure in administration/reception where she began to expand her knowledge of the industry and made the decision that Property Management was a true passion of hers. Shari soon made the move to the Property Management division, where she started as an assistant to the department which gave her the knowledge and experience to inherit her own portfolio, and has managed portfolio’s for 5 years now. 


One of Shari's biggest achievements was being nominated for the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA) Rising Star Award. This resulted in her being short listed and being selected as a finalist in this award and represented Tasmania on a national basis as one of the top 5 finalist for the year of 2013. In 2015 the Peter Lees Real Estate rent roll was purchased by Roberts Real Estate, where she worked for 12 months.


In Shari's spare time you'll find her spending quality time with family and friend and of course her puppy!




I am happy we have a property manager (you) who understands the owner-manager-tenant relationship. One of the main reasons we moved our rental properties to Harcourts is because you're there. While tenants have rights, it is always important to remember it is the owner who is the paying "customer" in this relationship. While you and I don't always agree on certain things, I have always found you to be honest and your prompt and professional approach comforting and reassuring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Harcourts based on my experience with you. I would like to add that I find Fiona and Anne very professional too. I think you have a very strong team there. I've always gone with your appraisal of a properties condition and rental feasibility. Your rent appraisals have always been on the lower side. This has given us a realistic figure to work with. Thank you, Frank
Hi Carmen We have a rental property that Shari Lockett looks after for us - I noticed that we can send you feedback about the service we receive. We are very pleased with the service we get - Shari is very efficient, is conscientious and I feel that she has our back. We have not had much experience renting out property and are finding it all seamless thanks to Shari. Kind regards Clare Edwards
Hi Shari, Additionally, you personally Shari, have demonstrated the best communication skillset and professionalism in my dealings with the many different faces at Harcourts over the past 3 years. Thanks again, Josh
"Shari has been great, in the past we had difficulties between property managers. She has been professional and friendly, which has helped with the smooth transition" Mikaela.

"Hi Jayne, 

So happy with the excellent service provided by my Property Manager Shari Lockett. Her prompt response to matters assures me that although Harcourts have a large rent roll, I am treated as a valued tenant. 

Kind regards,