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Peter King

Peter King


Harcourts Tasmania Silver Award – January - March 2011

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – April - June 2011

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – July - September 2011

Excellence Award – Harcourts State Awards – 17th Place Top Property Consultant

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – April - June 2012

Harcourts Tasmania Silver Award – July - September 2012

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – October - December 2012

Excellence Award – Harcourts State Awards – 12th Place Top Property Consultant

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – April - June 2013

Harcourts Tasmania Silver Award – July – September 2013

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – January – March 2014

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – April – June 2014

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – July – September 2014

Harcourts Tasmania Excellence Award – Top 20 Property Consultant Tasmania 2014

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – January – March 2015

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – April – June 2015

Harcourts Tasmania Silver Award – October – December 2015

Harcourts Tasmania Silver Award – April – June 2016

Harcourts Tasmania Excellence Award – Top 5 Property Consultant Tasmania 2016

Harcourts Tasmania Top Property Consultant – August 2016 Winner

Harcourts Tasmania Gold Award – July – September 2016

Harcourts Tasmania Top Exclusive Lister – January – March 2017

Harcourts Tasmania Bronze Award – January – March 2017


Personal Profile

With a successful 40 year career within the real estate industry, Peter has consistently been one of the top real estate agents for Harcourts Launceston since joining in 2010. Peter is the sales consultant for one of the largest development groups in Tasmania and oversees the largest land subdivisions in Northern Tasmania for the group. Peter’s X-factor is to deliver an unsurpassed level of service based on honesty, market knowledge and professional negotiations, making sure that all his clients get the best outcome from their real estate experience. Peter has the knowledge to assist his clients whether they are first home buyers, investors or someone looking to sell their largest asset. Whilst there are a number of different methods of sale and marketing strategies available when you sell and it is important that these strategies meet the client’s specific needs. Peter’s method of selling is at the personal level and he believes that best results are achieved by keeping owners fully informed at all times as the final sale decision is easy when you know all the facts. Peter specializes in residential sales and is the Senior Auctioneer for Harcourts Launceston. Peter is contactable 7 days a week and is always available to help and welcomes any enquiries.



What Peter's Client say

"Peter King has been the principal Harcourt’s agent for our Mount Pleasant Estate subdivision at Kings Meadows since 2010. He has been proactive and innovative, employing various marketing strategies to maximise sales at agreed sales prices without over-spending on advertising. During the difficult times he has come up with innovative ways to achieve contracts and gone out of his way to work with potential purchasers, such as helping them connect with appropriate builders and suggesting finial strategies to achieve their goals within their budget. He has shown his dedication by being on site every Saturday afternoon since 2010 to be available for potential purchasers and this consistent approach has led to numerous sales. Mount Pleasant Estate residential subdivision has been one of the best performing subdivisions on the Launceston market with almost 100 lots sold to date. I truly believe Peter Kings integrity, dedication and innovativeness has contributed greatly". Josef Chromy OAM Founding director The JAC Group 

"This has been a terrific experience and possibly one of the hardest transactions made easy from being on the mainland. Peter provided us with an amazing calibre of professionalism. Everything you would expect and then some more! Honest, no frills service at its best, made the transaction from viewer to purchaser very easy. Truly Peters a great asset to Harcourts and a leading ambassador to real agents across the board. I would buy again thru Harcourts and Peter, including the professional rental team in particular Courtney – great communication and focus along with colleague Richard. Settlement was less than a week ago and these guys have already found an approved tenant to lease." Thank you all for the great effort and positive outcome". Paul & Joanne Dale

"Peter King did an outstanding job selling our property. He was very professional, honest and was always providing us with constant feedback. Peter went way beyond what we expected which makes him a great real estate agent. We had a great experience and would highly recommend Peter to our family and friends. We were very pleased with the overall service and the sale of our home". Kindest Regards, Stephen & Jennifer Woodward, Seller 

"We would like to thank Peter for his exceptional work for making our sale a hassle free event. He would always go that extra mile for us, which made the whole process flow, with lots of helpful input from your team at Harcourt’s as well. Peter King proved to us that he is a dedicated agent that puts his clients first. We appreciate the time and effort Peter put in to our sale and we are overall happy with our service". With Regards, Sandra & Val Rautner, Purchaser 

"Fantastic is one word to describe Peter King for his exceptional work he put into the selling of our property. Peter was very professional in every way, being open and helpful at all times. He was easily approachable and took the time to lead us in the right direction with purchasing a property. We couldn’t be happier with Peter King’s service he provided us and with the purchase of our property". Yours Sincerely, Greatbatch Seller 

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Peter King

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